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A DUI or drunk driving conviction may lead to serious and long-term consequences, such as a social stigma, costly fines, the loss of driving privileges, and even jail time in some cases. If you have been arrested or charged with drunk driving, you should contact a San Diego DUI lawyer as soon as possible to explore your options. With nearly 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, Roseline D. Feral can vigorously represent you against the prosecution and seek to get the charges dropped or reduced.

Fighting a DUI Charge

DUI (driving under the influence) does not only refer to intoxication by alcohol. Any drug or substance that impairs your ability to drive may form the basis of a DUI charge, such as illegal drugs, legal prescription drugs, and even potentially legal over-the-counter drugs.

When it comes to alcohol, however, the offense of DUI in California may be charged when your blood alcohol content (BAC) is over the legal limit. The limit may be broken down into four categories:

  • BAC of .08 percent or higher for individuals who are 21 years of age or older and have a regular driver’s license with no other restrictions.
  • BAC of .04 percent or higher for individuals who have a commercial driver’s license, irrespective of the vehicle that the individual was driving at the time.
  • BAC of .04 percent or higher if the individual is currently on DUI probation for a previous charge.
  • BAC of .01 for individuals who are under the age of 21.

It is important to note that for drivers under the age of 21, California has a “no tolerance” policy.

Under California law, a driver who refuses to take a chemical test will automatically be subjected to a fine, enhanced penalties, and a license suspension. A chemical test may be a blood test, a breath test, or a urine test. A person may request the type that they prefer, but if it is not available at that time, the person must take the test that is available. Any license suspension penalties will vary based on whether the driver is 21 years of age or older, as well as whether this is a first-time or repeat DUI.

Drunk driving penalties are set forth by statute and vary depending on your age, your license type, and whether it is your first, second, third, or fourth or subsequent offense. You may face a license suspension, a criminal license suspension, monetary fines, jail time or community service, DUI School, and the installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. Furthermore, your insurance rates may be adversely affected by a conviction.

Discuss Your DUI Case with a San Diego Lawyer

If you have been arrested or charged with drunk driving, you should not hesitate to consult experienced San Diego DUI attorney Roseline D. Feral. She gives each case the attention and time that it deserves, carefully building a strategy to minimize the consequences for her clients. She can represent drivers in Chula Vista, Coronado, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Encinitas, La Jolla, Oceanside, Escondido, Ramona, Rancho Santa Fe, San Marcos, Valley Center, and Vista, as well as other Southern California cities. You can call our office at 619-232-1010 or contact us online To set up a consultation, or you can contact Attorney Feral directly at 619-301-1191. Roseline D. Feral also represents people who need a restraining order attorney or representation in a wide range of other criminal and family law matters.